Willie’s story is one from rags to riches.

A kind man took Willie into his home for a break from homelessness after finding him wandering the streets of Southeast Washington D.C.. After a few days, that kind man gave him to friend, who kept him in his garage for a day before calling animal control. Humane Rescue (formerly Wash­ington D.C Humane Society) picked him up and put him on their website for adoption.

Luckily Giovanna was looking for a dog when she saw Willie, truly a dog in need. Appearing as a mutant from a John Carpenter movie, he looked part pig, part cow, with squirrel looking toes. After visiting Humane Rescue a few times, just to make sure, Giovanna adopted Willie, giving him a lasting home to start his road to recovery. Underweight with mange, he was cared for and spoiled with all the finer things in life.

Pampered with a memory foam bed, treats of all types, pet shopping trips, regular walks around the neighborhood, and his own extensive wardrobe, Willie has easily adapted to the superstar lifestyle. Even his personality has adapted while earning his keep. Working in a Toyota commercial and is running for mayor of Annandale, VA have been a few of his previous adventures.

When not busy “working” on the set of emBARK!, you can find Willie at dog daycare hanging with his friends, taking lots of naps, going on jogs with Giovanna, and looking at pictures of cats on the internet.