Giovanna first started her television career as an extra for Meet the Browns movie by Tyler Perry.


Years later she hosted the “On The Streets” television show. As host, she approached random strangers, asking the same ten, trendy, terrifying, or talkative questions. She also co-hosted a television show called “Ciao from Car­rabba’s” where she eventually picked up some Italian cooking skills. Even with a strong Italian family heritage, it’s clear the Italian cooking gene skipped a generation.

Since 2005, Giovanna has been featured in over 50 commercials, motion pictures, television shows, print work, and corpo­rate training videos.

Working until 4 a.m. on one show, Giovanna was pulled over by five Washington D.C. officers for wrong way driving on a one-way street! When questioned about where she was coming from, she quickly learned saying “I just got done snooting” isn’t the best response to officers before the break of dawn.

When not babysitting her husband (you read that right) or avoiding being punked by her seven-year-old daughter, Giovanna enjoys the little things in life. Animals, car shows, traveling the world, and anything helping make the world a better place.